Splitting PST Files in Multiple Files with the PST Split Software

The size of PST files has been a matter of concern amongst most of the Outlook users and email clients. Even the PST files stored in the Unicode format become vulnerable to corruption as the size limit is exceeded or if they store a large number of items and data. Other problems with large or oversized PST file formats include system performance. In this article, we will address our users with the remedies against such problems and what cause the PST files to Split.

The PST is the file format which MS Outlook uses to store its data and information which is known by the name Personal Storage Table (PST). There are two types of PST formats used MS Outlook ANSI and UNICODE. The ANSI PST format was used by the Outlook previous version such as Outlook 2002 and below whereas The UNICODE PST format is used in Outlook 2003 and its later version. Both of the PST formats come with the size limit ANSI PST file format has a size limit of 2 GB which means that it can’t store more than 2 GB of mailbox data or information.  While UNICODE was allotted with the size limit 20GB to 50GB.

What is the effect of oversize PST data and need to convert it?

The PST ANSI and UNICODE formats come with size limitation if the size limit in any of the two file formats ANSI and UNICODE is exceeded it may result in corruption of data or may prone to damage of data and information. Some of the effects which oversize PST causes are as follows:-

Ø  Unexpected files corruption: The extreme use of PST file format and steady work on Outlook surely increase the size of PST files. This may result in increasing PST file size and may result in unexpected corruption of data and files.
Ø  System performance: Due to the large size of PST, it becomes impossible for the user to work in it as it may affect the system performance and result in application hanging and files hanging.
Ø  Easier accessibility: Increase in PST size results to consuming more of MS Outlook space because of which users are unable to get easier access to the system as it causes problems while accessing.

Since Outlook is the common platform which provides services such as email, file transfer, attachments, Notes, etc. Therefore to keep it safe and anti prone to corruption is necessary for the users. In order to maintain the Outlook against corruption and damage the users need methods which can split PST file. To do it effectively the users need to opt for alternative methods i.e. the use of the PST split software.

What are the benefits to split PST files into multiple files using the PST split software?

Due to the various issues which have risen among users regarding splitting of PST the user get confused as there are lots of varieties of alternate software available for splitting PST files. The users are not aware of this fact that this software might split PST files and folders into multiple PST files but there are issues with the alteration of data in which the users are unable to get the original data back. Therefore, a wise decision must be made by the user, when selecting the software for splitting PST files and formats.

The PST split software is the reliable and fastest solution to split PST files into multiples PST files.  The PST split software comes with the user’s friendly access which can efficiently break large PST file into multiple numbers of PST files irrespective of its size. It is a highly efficient tool which split PST files and data extremely fast without damaging the original data and accuracy of PST files. The PST Split software comes with graphical user’s interface due to which the non-technical users can use them with an ease. The enhancement features of this software allow the users to break large PST files according to their respective size which the user desire. The PST split software is the most proficient and trust-worthy assets for the users to export their PST mailbox data into multiple PST files. Another advanced feature of this software allows the users to support entire version of MS Outlook and can successfully split ANSI and UNICODE PST file format into a large number of PST files. If the users are worried about the PST data being altered during the split process then advice to forget such statements from their mind as the tools of this software comes handy and does not alter any data while splitting PST files. For the users to get satisfied with the results of this software utility the free demo version is available which is capable of spitting first 25 PST mailbox items so, that the users can be assured of its quality, capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the product.

There have been various arguments among a user’s about the quality of software and product to be used while splitting PST files. As Outlook saves all its data in the PST file formats so it is necessary for the users to end to avoid corruption of data while operating Outlook emails, attachments, etc. Therefore, we recommend the user’s to opt for split software before coming to any decision which may harm or corrupt your PST files and formats. The software is easy, quick and provides a guarantee and satisfactory results.

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